Friday, January 25, 2013

Council votes to Fire LAG

City Council, in a surprising move last night, voted unanimously to begin actions of terminating the contract between The City of Wilkes Barre, and LAG Towing.

One resident at the meeting, even made the comment, “the bobbleheads, weren't bobbleheads tonight!!”

  • Not so fast says The King!

Don’t get your hopes up, that LAG will be going anywhere, as The King isn’t likely to fire his Boy Toy!

Leo Glodzik owner of LAG Towing offered testimony on his behalf, saying either he didn't charge victims of crime, or he had a darn good reason why he did.

Leo also stated that in the case of the 83 year old woman whose car was stolen, he told the woman it would cost approximately $2,000 to fix the 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass that was damaged and had a blown engine. Even though that contradicts statements he made to the press earlier this week when he said he answered her hypothetical question about how much storage fees might be, Leo reportedly said “Ma’am, it would be like $2,000,”,

  • But now the story changes, I wonder why???

“She didn't have any complaints,” Leo said.

  • So that’s why she complained to her neighbor that she wasn't allowed to get her Bingo Bag out of her car, and in turn he reported it to Charlotte Raup President of the Crime Watch, who then emailed City Council.

WOW, is it me or does Leo really need to hire a spokes person? His story changers faster than The King can spend money…

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  1. Mayor says, we have to fix this buddy. Leo says, I dont know how i already told the paper it would cost her $2000.00. Mayor says, Let me look in the Politictians get your ass out of trouble handbook


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