Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Something stinks in the DA’s office

Luzerne County Controller Walter Griffith is being investigated for allegedly illegally recorded multiple conversations and supplying them to a grand jury investigating the Hotel Sterling’s nonprofit owner, CityVest.

"Salavantis said she became aware of alleged violations after federal agents supplied her copies of tape recordings Griffith, in replying to a subpoena, had allegedly made of conversations with multiple people connected to the Hotel Sterling project."


If this happened in March 2011, and The Luzerne County District Attorney's office began investigating Griffith in July 2012 after he provided the recordings to a federal grand jury investigating the Sterling organization, CityVest.

Why did CityVest board member Y. Judd Shoval wait until yesterday to file a civil suit against Walter Griffith?

WHY would the FEDS give this information to the DA and not the Attorney General’s Office themselves???????  
  • Is it at all possible they are attempting to take out yet another taxpayer advocate?

“I’m baffled. It’s kind of confusing to me,” Griffith said. “I never illegally recorded anybody in my life in a face-to-face conversation or otherwise.”

  • We believe you Walter, but unfortunately you’re toying with friends of The King, and we hear they slid cash to his Alma Mater, and then that College gave Prince Tommy, A FREE ride.

District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis said she forwarded the investigation to the state Attorney General’s Office because it involves another elected official.

  • But her office is up to handling The Gas Gate investigation, even though it involves another elected official, and possibly relatives of her staff???

Now I know, we refer to Mayor Lie-A-Ton, as The King, and perhaps The Young DA is a bit confused, being a loyal reader and all, but let me clear this up for you. The anointed, all powerful, King of mean, is in fact elected. 

I know it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes, with the voting Dolts in this town, but it’s true. 


I guess we can forget about the Angela Stevens investigation??

Salavantis should also come clean about the Hit and Run on Route 11, and why she is where she is. 

Salavantis worked for Attorney Robert Panowicz whose daughter has or had a pending case being prosecuted by the district attorney's office for a fatal hit-and-run crash in 2008 in Kingston.
  • Jackie wouldn’t back off that case, and look at what happened to her!!!

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