Monday, January 7, 2013

Boards & Authorities

Ever wonder who’s gets appointed to the City Boards and Authorities and why. 
  • What are their functions? 

Well we did, and what we found is that most boards are comprised of The King’s minions, Not much of a surprise, unless the members were appointed prior to the King’s rise to power that is, much like most of the members of our financially responsible, and only profitable division, The Wilkes Barre City Parking Authority.

If you’re interested in attending any of the meetings for City Boards & Authorities, you can find most of their meeting times posted on the Taxpayers Calendar linked below.

As we have been reporting, one of the City Boards, Hawkeye Security Solutions doesn't work properly, or as expected.

Hawkeye Board:
  • Frank Majikes – Chair
  • Greg Barrouk – Vice Chair / Treasurer (City Economic Development)
  • Lou Lau (City IT Director)
  • Joe Coyne (Retired City of Wilkes-Barre Police)
  • Gus Genetti
  • Tom Kupetz (City Police)
  • Mike Merritt (City Councilman)

From a distance Hawkeye looks to have launched a vast network of 360 degree cameras throughout the city, in order to monitor public activity, and be a watchful eye in the event of a crime. This tool has the potential to serve as an eye witness for police,

The City Taxpayers Association has requested several videos from Hawkeye in an attempt to prove the existence of such monitoring ability. With every request, Haykeye responded with “That the security camera video footage is no longer in existence and didn’t exist at the time of request.”

Other than looting millions of dollars from various other city departments, boards, or authorities, and spending it on No-Bid Contracts for Campaign Contributors, can anyone tell me what exactly Hawkeyes function is?

It should also be noted that our City Parking Authority has been waiting over a year for repairs, to a broken Hawkeye camera in a city garage, located near Movies 14. The board has requested, repair, replacement, of said camera to, The Hawkeye Board, City IT Director Lou Lau, and The King Directly when he attended their November 2012 meeting.  

To date NO repairs have commenced, yet the Parking Authority has NOT missed ONE payment to Hawkeye.

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November 2012 Parking Authority Clip


  1. If the Mayor "realigns" the Parking Authority, he will show a blatant attempt to control probably the only public entity that has shown a profit over the years. This is a tribute to those who serve the public. The Board , over the years has always held the interests of the public foremost in their execution of Board policies, and business. If anything they deserve to remain as an intact body.

    1. I couldn't agree more.. As a resident of our city, I am repeatedly proud on this Board. They have stood up for the city, its citizens, and made tough decisions. They don’t squander their money, they operate responsible, ethically, and every year gives what it can to the city. What more could anyone ask of a board or authority? If we simply sell them down the river for a quick fix, we as a city will not only lose the quality of expertise that comes with the current members, but we will lose good business, commuters, visitors, and residents, when all goes to heck!!

  2. If push comes to shove, (for what good it will do) write your Mayor if in his power grab, tries to change the make up of the Parking Authority Board. The members present have publicly stated that they are willing to continue serving the citizens of Wilkes-Barre.
    You could not ask for a more dedicated group of professionals whose sole interest is to provide a quality serves to the City.
    Support them, as they have supported you.


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