Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy victim = No crime?

Seriously if a victim is happy in the end, did a crime take place?

Consider you are being raped, but it is the best sex you’ve ever experienced, or a burglar breaks in at 3:00 AM and steals all that crap in your basement, that you were planning on paying a hauler to dispose of.

  • Are you still a victim of crime?
  • Were you still violated?

Now consider you were lied to about the condition of your car, and facts relating to fees that you should never have been charged, EVER, but the lying, cheating, extorting, car thief, was SO NICE, and you are a bit naive, as to his shady business practices.

  • Did a crime take place?

We have agencies to protect people who don’t quite understand that they are in fact a victim of crime.

Why is it OK for LAG to take advantage of an 83 year old woman, by inflating fees, lying at the very least about said fees, and possibly the condition of her car, and yet the Dolts in this town still flock to protect him.

  • What gives???

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