Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Diamond Drop this year only $6,000

I hope you all enjoyed the 2012-2013 Wilkes Barre City New Years Eve Celebration as much as I did. As it only cost you $6,000.00 Dollars. The same as it has cost since Our King has taken office, without wavering a cent.

Please click links for 2012-2013 city budgets

Pay no attention to the facts 
  • We haven’t had a New Years Eve Celebration since His lordship took office.
  • Yet we have continued to spend the same Six Thousand Dollars per year, on it as though it has gone on without a hitch.

So now 8 years of no celebration, yet spending $6,000 per year, on said Non-Celebration, I wonder: where oh where has that money gone?

Perhaps we are still having said New Years Eve Celebration at Homer's house??

  • In other News:

D.A. to continue Gas Gate: 

Word on the street is, photos have made their way to The District Attorney, showing members of The King’s immediate family fueling up at the DPW pumps. If true, one could only wonder how The King will explain this one. Likely he will say: I told them it was OK  as they were also being questioned about my mismanagement everywhere they went. So in a sense they were acting on city business.

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