Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cars for Cash Scheme?

Mark Robbins of Forty Fort knew the second he was towed by LAG that something wasn’t RIGHT. It wasn’t the tow, or service of LAG that alerted Mr. Robbins, it was how the police protected LAG that made him suspicious.

After Robbins paid for his tow, and Leo Glodzik owner of LAG offered Mr. Robbins a scheme to recoup his losses by seeking reimbursement from AAA, (which Mr. Robbins NEVER did) Robbins noticed his car was damaged when it was brought out. Leo wouldn’t own up, so Robbins called city police, who upon arrival protected LAG, not the citizen. Telling Robbins “I don’t give a F@@K about your car!”

One has to wonder if not for that single bad judgment call, would the FBI, and State Police be snooping around. After all it was Robbins who brought Andrew Straub of the Citizens Voice into the investigation, which led Glodzik to make ridiculous statements, both in court, and in the press.

According to recent reports from the U.S. Department of Justice it was also Robbins who got them, and the FBI involved. According to Chris Hong’s Citizens Voice article today it looks like the State Police is also investigating LAG. I guess one could say LAG messed with the wrong guy, when they took the, you can’t touch me attitude with Robbins.

Now onto WBRE who broke the FBI subpoena story WIDE OPEN, it’s no surprise that the administration wouldn’t want this scandal to be made public, but watching his Lordship dodge Joe Holden’s questions about the FBI subpoena was interesting to say the least.

Joe Holden asked The King: "But you have not personally seen a subpoena or any sort of....?" Leighton said, "Well that information you'd have to get from whoever is doing the investigation."

  • You’d have to ask whoever is doing the investigation if The King saw the subpoena??? 
  • Are you kidding me???
  • Someone else would know if you saw something???

Asked about the subpoena, Police Chief Dessoye responded: "No, I am telling you nobody has given me a subpoena from the FBI. I would suggest you contact the FBI and ask if they served a subpoena."

  • It looked like the chief was telling the truth in the video, and after reading Chris Hong’s Citizens Voice article today, I now know why. “An FBI agent delivered a subpoena to the mayor's office Tuesday seeking police records related to the city's embattled towing contractor, two sources familiar with the situation said Wednesday.”

So if the FBI delivered the subpoena directly to the Mayor’s office, it would make sense that the chief wouldn’t have seen it but surely The King would have, RIGHT???

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