Friday, February 15, 2013

Liars have Rules????

LAG to sue Wilkes Barre City Councilman Tony George for speaking the TRUTH….

Leighton told reporters the notice should not deter people from coming forward with complaints if they are telling the truth.

Now come on your lordship, Tony was telling the truth when he made the motion to fire LAG. He acted on information, and testimony he received from citizens, plural, citizens who told Tony what happened to them.

Tony asked LAG to provide their records, and accounts of what happened, in an attempt to get both sides, but let us not forget LAG’s policy on maintain records. If the chief don’t need um, then neither does LAG.

Now in an attempt to SHUT Tony up, His Lordship called in a favor from a Criminal Defense Liar…. And it worked as he knew it would, City Liars order council not to say a word.


Rule 11: Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11 provides that a district court may sanction attorneys or parties who submit pleadings for an improper purpose or that contain frivolous arguments or arguments that have no evidentiary support.

Lets see: In a letter sent to Our King by Attorney Joseph Sklarosky, "It is obvious from a fair reading of his contract with the City that L.A.G. is abiding by all the terms and conditions,"

Oh really: Page 8 of the afore mentioned contract (i) Additionally, Contractor shall tow, FREE of charge, ANY vehicle owned by ANY victim of ANY crime?????

What say you now Liar Sklarosky????

Wake Up Wilkes Barre or Per Sue Henry Wake Up Wilkes Boo Boo


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