Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Sheeple have spoken

Now that the Sheeple of Sheepville aka “City of Wilkes Barre” have spoken, I have been called on by several citizens, and city employees to halt my attacks on the Mayor of Sheepville aka “King Tommy”.

I am now faced with several questions with regard to my alleged attacks.
  • Why would they care what I do, when the Sheeple didn’t seem to care?
  • Am I that popular or dangerous that I need to stand down?
  • Why won’t the city answer my questions?

FYI folks the more you ask me to stand down the more I wonder why. What are you hiding that you don’t want me to know about? 

Wake Up Sheeple it is not only our right but in-fact it is the duty of every citizens to question their government. Just as it is the duty of any government to answer to its citizens. Although I do realize that we all live in Sheepville, and the Sheeple are still a bit backward. 

I assure you folks we do have our freedoms. You shouldn’t just take my word for it. I urge all the Sheeple of Sheepville to contact the ACLU at (215) 592-1513, and ask them if The United States Constitution is still binding on the City of Wilkes Barre, or Sheepville for that matter. 

I already know the answer do you?

Wake Up Sheepville 

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