Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Did LAG Pay or Not?

It has been argued by many in the past that the LAG Towing Contract has not been fully upheld, and that’s putting it mildly. Many have questioned whether or not LAG has made all the required payments to the City as required by the contract
So I went looking, and this is what I found so far.

  • Contact Inception: 2005
  • 2005: City receipt #4156, 5/3/05 $50,050.00 check #68624 dated 04/07/05 appears to be deposited on 5/4/05 in a deposit of $57,375.53
  • 2006: ?????
  • 2007: City receipt #16298, 05/14/07 $50,000.00 check #2480 dated 05/11/07 appears to be deposited on 05/15/07 in a deposit of $86,215.03
  • 2008: City receipt #17953, 05/1/08 $50,050.00 check # UNKNOWN, appears to be deposited on 05/05/08 in a deposit of $127,231.58
  • 2009: City receipt #26300, 05/05/09 $50,050.00 check #2688278 appears to be deposited on 05/06/09 in a deposit of $216,291.57
  • 2010: City receipt #30581, 05/03/10 $50,000.00 check # UNKNOWN, appears to be deposited on 05/04/10 in a deposit of $132,974.86
  • 2011: City receipt #36511, 05/02/11 $50,000.00 check #2794369, appears to be deposited on 05/02/11 in a deposit of $50,000.00
  • 2011: City receipt #38082, 08/23/11 $150.00 check # UNKNOWN, appears to be deposited on 08/23/11 in a deposit of $150.00

Ok so based on the above which is fully supported by the documents provided in my RTK request. 

  • I ask did LAG uphold the contract? 

2006 appears not to have been paid, and per the city the contract was executed in 2005 with payment on 05/03/05 consummating the contract. Now moving forward LAG gets to pay the year fallowing the contract billing period. 

So that means is they “LAG” gets to pay a year late without penalty or interest. NICE but legal!!!!! So I wonder if we need a year deferment on our taxes will they "The City" be so nice, and grant it without penalty or interest? NO probably not!

I would say LAG did on 3 separate occasions violated the contract by not paying in full, but hey it was only $50 bucks a year, and we all know that if we need to shave $50 of our taxes the city would let us RIGHT? Don't worry they "LAG" made it up to us "The Taxpayers" in 2011 without penalty or interest. 

Also I am wondering where the checks are for 2008, 2010, and the makeup check of $150.00 in 2011.

Not to worry folks Part 2 will be coming: On 10/11/11 I had filed a RTK for,
An official bank copy of the deposits with all offsets and/or, all items included in the deposits. Front & Back of all items are requested. For the transaction dates and amounts listed below. 

PNC bank account # **-****-3458.
05/04/2005      57,375.53
05/15/2007      86,215.03
05/05/2008      127,231.58
05/06/2009      216,291.57
05/04/2010      132,974.86
05/02/2011      50,000.00
08/23/2011      150.00

We will find out if those missing checks are in-fact inside the alleged deposits, and you know I will keep you posted.

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