Friday, November 18, 2011

Did LAG pay or not Part 2

In a previous post (Did LAG Pay or Not?) I stated that it appeared that LAG had made payments in 2011, but new information with regard to the City General Fund Financial Statement has shed new light on the alleged 2011 payment. 

Please look at the attached  (General Fund Financial Statement) what you want to look at is Page 10 OTHER TAXES. The budgeted $50,050.00 VS. The year to date collected $0….. 

I have also highlighted this for you in the attached photo.
So you see my problem is if the City budgeted for an expected payment, and according to the answer I got in my RTK that I previously posted The City did in fact get the 2011 payment on:
  • 2011: City receipt #36511, 05/02/11 $50,000.00 check #2794369, appears to be deposited on 05/02/11 in a deposit of $50,000.00
  • 2011: City receipt #38082, 08/23/11 $150.00 check # UNKNOWN, appears to be deposited on 08/23/11 in a deposit of $150.00

New Questions:
  • How could the year to date payment field still be reading $0?
  • Did the city get the check, and not include it in the deposit? If so what was in the 05/02/11 or 08/23/11 deposits?
  • Did someone at the City deposit it, and not notify anyone in finance that they got the payment?
  • Who is doing what at City Hall?
  • Do they even know?

More answers to come when I receive the Original Bank Deposits form PNC. Hopefully then we will finally get the answers we are looking for.

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