Thursday, November 17, 2011

2 Leighton’s Appointed Teachers?????

As we all know this is a Pay to Play City, and it would seem the Wilkes Barre Area School Board although as the Times Leader puts it "a separate entity then that of the city" Yet the school board still seems to be operating by the same nepotism Playbook as the City.

The BIG news was the fact the Young Tommy was hired as a Fulltime Teacher, but what nobody seems concerned about is the fact that Christopher Gray was also hired as a teacher.

Who is Christopher Gray, and why should we care you may be asking yourself. Well let me spell it out for you. 

Christopher Gray is the Son of Carol “Leighton” Gray! Yup you guessed it BIG Tommy’s cousin! They also reside in the elite Barney Farms.

My only questions are:

  • How many other good teachers were passed over for these to silver spoon types?
  • How many other Leighton’s do we as taxpayers need to support? 
Click to read Times Leader "Mayor’s son now full-time teacher"
New Teacher Thomas Leighton

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