Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Something Fishy @ City Hall

It has come to my attention through a citizen explanation, that there is a huge miscommunication between The Wilkes Barre City Right to Know Office, and the Citizens. 

For one reason or another when a citizen asks for something, and anything but, what the citizen requests is given as the responsive document it is not at all the fault of the city.

The example I was given was a result of my last blog post New RTK Logo where I claimed the city knowingly provided a reproduction of a document for an original document.
  • You see the citizen asked to see An Official Document, and instead was shown A Fishy Document!
  • My guess is City Hall gets a bit confused from time to time, Official Document, Fishy Document, So close!
Now that I understand the breakdown in communication between residents, and city officials I can better assist residents in properly submitting their Right to Know requests.

So going forward I ask all citizens making RTK requests, to The City of Wilkes Barre, to please place the disclaimer “No Fishy Documents” at the bottom of all your requests.

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