Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lairs or Lawyers?

Listening to Fox Rothschild attorney Alan Wohlstetter talking in circles at the Parking Authority meeting was surly enough to make anyone’s head spin.

"He just misleads you and talks around things," said one board member who spoke on the condition of anonymity, "and we don't know if we can trust him."

One memorable exchange that seemed to epitomize the tension between the board and Fox Rothschild attorney Alan Wohlstetter involved city council member Maureen Lavelle, who attended the meeting as a member of the public.

The exchange began when parking authority member Ed Katarsky questioned the $20 million estimate the parking assets were expected to fetch in a lease.

  • Katarsky: How did you come to that number?
  • Wohlstetter: We reached out to Desman and prospective bidders with the numbers in the term sheet.

Two minutes later:
  • Lavelle: Have you already reached out to bidders, you said?
  • Wohlstetter: Not really.
  • Lavelle: You just said that.
  • Wohlstetter: Well, we're trying to find out what's a realistic number. We did have a conversation with one prospective bidder.

30 minutes later:
  • Wohlstetter: To be honest, when we went out to one of the bidders รข¦

Two minutes later:
  • Lavelle: Alan, you said earlier 'bidders.' And when I questioned it you said one bidder. And now when you just spoke again, you said bidders. Is there more than one bidder you contacted or was there one bidder?
  • Wohlstetter: Right. Uhh, we've gotten inquiries from two so far.

So I have to wonder why a Lawyer would knowingly doubletalk, bend the truth, and flat out lie, fail to answer questions to not only, Citizens, Taxpayers, but a Councilwoman no less. If this guy treats a member of our elected council this way why the world would the Parking Authority ever keep him on payroll.

Well Word on the Street is:

The entire suspension issue was all staged by the Mayor to shut down the public response that’s why when Mrs. King said “why are we talking suspension? Why not termination?” she was passed over.

Also the fix is in LAZ Parking who is currently on Parking Authority payroll is the Bidder(s) the double-talking liar kept referring to, or so I'm told, and from what I hear it’s A Done Deal!

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