Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Follow the Money

On the 29th of last month we reported in Yard Sale Time Again that the mayor was looking to sell off the parking authority, and come to find out he was only looking to lease it. 
  • Fact is the parking authority still has a huge mortgage it can’t pay off, and we all know if you can’t offer clear title no one will buy, so the only option is to lease.
  • Now the question is to whom? 
Well only someone with TWENTY MILLION upfront! So that removes most honest business people, because many wouldn’t have $20,000,000 just sitting around.

My guess would be a group of ticky-tacky lawyers from Philly who feel sorry for a thieving former city admin who can’t find a job, and will get a huge finder’s fee if this deal goes through.

I say follow the money, we all know lawyers know how to form LLC’s to keep from divulging names, and we also know that
  • Lawyers
  • Former City Administrators
  • Forms Representatives 
would know how to write grants, defraud the Federal, and State Governments.

So keep watching this backroom deal that King Tommy adamantly denied when Wake Up Wilkes Barre first broke the story back on March 29, 2012, and remember


  1. It seems to me that if the parking rates go up it will not help the goal of bringing people in to town. There are enough barriers to entry with out making parking more expensive.

    1. You would be right, but you must understand the real goal. Business is only a part! Remember the pecking order - Family, Friends, Cronies, Donors, Business, Citizens!
      In that order.


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