Friday, April 13, 2012

I believe King Tommy & the Murphy Boys are lairs!

In a recent Citizens Voice article Wilkes-Barre City exploring lease of parking assets City spokesman Drew McLaughlin emphasized the parking authority made the decision to deal with Fox Rothschild, and not Leighton. 
  • Wake Up or Shut Up Drew we have learned that 99% of what you say is CRAP and we must still double check the other 1%.

King Tommy:

Leighton acknowledged Thursday afternoon he talked with Murphy last winter about leasing the city's parking assets, but he said he was not responsible for hiring his friend.
  • It just a coincidence that poor JJ can’t get a job anywhere but on Wilkes Barre City’s Dime!

Leighton denied responsibility for the law firm hiring Murphy as a consultant, saying the Parking Authority ultimately approved hiring Fox Rothschild. But one Parking Authority board member pointed the finger at Leighton.
  • "He was pushing us, pressuring us to do it," board member Ed Katarsky said Thursday. "And we just kind of gave in."

"This wasn't hidden," Leighton said. "If there was a conflict, I would not have done it. If (J.J.) retired last month and we're doing it now, that's a conflict. He was on his own for two years now."
  • Like the Million Dollar Donation?
  • Like the hiring of your own children?

Murphy Boys:

"It's an absolute coincidence," J.J. Murphy said in a telephone interview, explaining his brother is not involved in the project.
  • Yea right and it’s a coincidence that your monitoring fees were accidently billed to the city?

Asked whether his law firm had ever before hired J.J.'s firm GOALS Consulting, the attorney representing Fox Rothschild, Alan Wohlstetter, paused for 15 seconds before saying no.
  • A lawyer lying? Who would have thunk?

J.J. Murphy said he would have recommended any law firm that employed Wohlstetter. It is purely a coincidence his brother works at the same firm, he said.
  • I believe you J.J. not many lawyers would lie for you, and I’m sure it is just a coincidence that your brother is a partner, owner in the firm!

Remember folks Patrick Murphy is a partner in Fox Rothschild, and is asking for your vote to be our States next Attorney General even though he never took the Pennsylvania Bar, Oh & by the way he is already a proven liar. 


Council members Bill Barrett and Tony George expressed surprise after the meeting that J.J. Murphy was hired as a consultant.
  • Wake Up Council, and stop eating whatever the mayor puts in your  bowl, because it smells like Horse $hit!!!!

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  1. The Board can hire and the Board can fire!!! All it needs the intestinal fortitude to do so!!!

  2. Well we never thought we would see someone with the fortitude to stand up to the king, and someone did, so I say anything is possible


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