Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Time is JJ’s Money

We’ve all heard the expression “Time is Money” but King Tommy, and J.J. “Security System – Hawkeye Security Solutions” Murphy, are taking this expression to the extreme.

Imagine getting paid $5.00 per minute to talk to your friends on the phone. A LOCAL CALL NO LESS! WorldCom didn’t even charge that much to call China, back in the day! 

Many lawyers in Luzerne County don’t even net the outrages $5.00 per min fee that J.J. & his buddy “King Tommy” are soaking the taxpayers for. Claiming it was all the “Parking Authority” when in fact the King himself went and demanded the Parking Authority hire J.J.’s brother’s firm back in December, and then lied to not only Citizens but Council members when they asked.

Now you may be asking yourself the same question:
  • Doesn’t the Parking Authority have to follow the Bid process RFPS and the answer is YES, but under pressure from the King the Authority just did as dictated.
  • NO BID

If anyone is guilty of a crime here it’s most certainly not the KING as usual his hand are clean.
Bulling is his only crime.

The King Tommy Administration:

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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