Friday, January 13, 2012

Million Dollar Questions?

  • Who did Donate, Bribe, Gift, or Whatever were calling it today, that One Million Dollars to the City, and WHY?

  • Did they get any favors from the City in return for that One Million Dollar Check?

  • Is that One Million Dollar Check the only Donation, Bribe, Gift, the City got?

  • Why can’t we see the One Million Dollar Check from a charity called Kids for the Kingdom that should have been helping children in Third World Countries?

  • Did that Charity violate their own charter by allowing some mystery person to launder money through their Non-Profit?

  • Should K4K lose its 501c (3) IRS status?

  • If all $860,000 did pay for the fire engines why can’t we see the Bill of Sale? That Bill of Sale wouldn’t identify the donor would it?

  • If all that was truly left was $140,000 how did it get to Hollenback if it was never in a City account?

  • Why would council take the rap for the $140,000 and not launch an investigation, when they have the power to do so?

  • Is council afraid of where an investigation may go?

  • Does anyone who claims to represent the people actually do anything the people asks of them?

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