Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hold the Shredders

So what happed to those mysterious Credit Card Statements that only the average Joe could locate?

This is the question that is now keeping me and likely many City Hall Officials up at night.

Well if we are to believe the Mayor, they could have been misplaced along with the Fire Truck Bids that nobody can locate. After all Folks we do buy so many hammers that we seem to lose track of everything!

But my money is on “intentional and unauthorized destruction of public recorders”. In other words they got rid of them.

  • The law states that the city MUST retain Bank Statements for 7 years.
  • After 7 years, there must be a resolution from City Council to destroy to destroy them.
  • The resolution MUST be specific as to what is being destroyed.
  • It should then appear in the minutes of City Council meetings.
Don’t take my word for it folks I urge you to click here for: Pennsylvania State Municipal Records Manual. Something City Hall REALLY needs to read!

Page 40:
  • FN-9 Bank Statements and Reconciliations
Prepared by banks, records indicates date, municipal deposits and withdrawals, and account totals.

Retain 7 years

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  1. What is crazy about this, is little "innocent" city government! Can't find them, cause there attitude is the big bad bank can't find them! Listen I know county council is busy starting up, but they need to jump into this! They are the countys legislatively responsible elected authority, and by not at least commenting, or looking into this on any level allows us to remain in a perceived area of corruption, especially when it comes to the officials at the head of the county seat!

  2. They, the county should put a Dem. AND A Repub. on this


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