Monday, January 9, 2012

Who Done It? Bribery 101:

  • What’s a Million Bucks?
  • Free Fire Engines, Why all the Fuss? Did I mention they were FREE?
  • Who would give such a gift, and WHY?

These are the questions that seem to be preoccupying many in The WB! 

So let’s ask ourselves, would we give a no strings attached gift like that, and if so, would we not want folks to know we did so?

Being the awful cynic that we all know I am, I must say this... if someone gives a gift expecting something in return, that something better be worth it. 
  • What I mean by that is simple Bribery 101. 
  • If you offer a bribe let’s say One Million Dollars then your Re-Payment, or Contract must be Ten Times the Gift for the bribe to be worth your time, and effort.

So applying that logic let’s ask ourselves Who or “What Company” since 2006 has had more than Ten Million Dollars in business from our City? 
  • A quick internet search turned up ONE Company doing that much business with our City.
Click on links below for source:
Now I’m not saying that’s where the money came from, and there are many more conspiracy theories floating around, but one would argue that all the puzzle pieces seem to fit.

More good questions are: 
  • If you have One Million, and spend $860,000 where is the remaining $140,000?
  • Did we give it back?
  • Did we spend it one something unauthorized as it was earmarked for Only Fire Trucks? As the City said!
  • Is it in someone’s Pocket?
  • Where is the Paper Trail? 

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