Saturday, December 31, 2011

Still no New Years WB

  • No First Night! 
  • Why not? 
  • Other cities such as Scranton, and Hazleton have a First Night 
  • Why not Wilkes Barre?

Our Mayor has stated for years it a cost cutting measure. Ok I'll bite, is this the only area we should be cutting, or just the area that benefits him?

I still wondered why? Why is it that other cities like Scranton, and Hazleton can afford such an extravagant Party to Ring in the New Year? AND then it hit me, they “Scranton, and Hazleton" DO NOT have city Credit Cards. They also pay for their own travel expenses. 
  • Say WHAT Bat Man????

In a December 6, 2007 Times Leader article 4 cities avoid ‘card’ games
  • Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta’s approach to the issue is to pay his own way at all times.
  • Pittston Mayor Joe Keating said his city doesn’t have a debit card or a credit card because it can’t afford to use them.
  • “Let me put it to you this way,” Keating said. “I went away to the Pennsylvania League of Cities conference and I paid my own way. We have such a tight budget that we can’t afford credit or debit cards.”

Not The WB: The Citizens Pay All the way!!!!
  • Leighton- Hotel / Conferences - $ 16,574.79
  • Mc Cormick Hotels/- City Employees-   $ 16,964.53    
  • City Council Hotels/Conference fees/  Ryan - $ 68,110.33
  • Murphy’s Hotels/ $ 11,239.69
Total- Hotels/ Conferences total  $112,943.39

So in the end its simple no First Night Wilkes Barre, Not until you Wake Up!!! So with that I will bid, and end to 2011 hearing the famous Tommy Van Scoy jingle in my head:

I’m a lucky Blogger,
hoo-ray, oh boy!
Where's my Diamond Drop,
It came from VanScoy,
My Mayor Stole it,
Took lots of Money too.
King Tommy’s the diamond thief,
Yes, he’s the mayor for you!

Have a Safe, and Happy New Year, and above all else please,

Wake Up Wilkes Barre! 

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