Friday, December 16, 2011

City Hall passing up $100,000 a year???

 After many requests by residents all questing how many rental units are located in the City today via the City’s FaceBook Page (City FaceBook Answer) we have the answer, and per the City “There are 8,343 rental units in the city.”

Ok now per the City’s rental ordinance each unit is to have an inspection prior to a tenant moving in and 1 every 2 years thereafter. 

So let’s do the math shall we?
  • 8,343 units inspected once every other year for a fee of $35.00 each inspection.
  • 8,343 x $35 = $292,005 every 2 years. That is the amount of revenue that should be expected by that Department RIGHT?
  • In 2010 that depart only brought in $42,080
  • In 2011 the City only budgeted for $40,000, and to date we got $38,085
  • So 2010, and 2011 $42,080 + $40,000 = $82,080 looks like the City is giving up $209,925??????

These examples do not provide any provision for licensing fees, nor do they include the change of tenants inspection. This is simply based on the biannual inspection called for in the ordnance posted below, along with the City’s General Fund Ledger. 

If we know how many units are in the City then we should know who’s not getting inspected RIGHT?
  • Why the FREE pass?
  • Why only budget for $40,000 when our potential is over $100,000

I am left wondering who at City Hall would simply give up on over $200,000.00 in revenue every 2 years or $100,000.00 annually, and why?

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