Friday, December 2, 2011

Wrecking Ball on Sullivan Street?

After much controversy, “ok mostly by me” in the article (Calling on our DO NOTHING, City Hall, Yet again!) published 11/11/11. 

It would appear that the Rotten, Stinking, Dilapidated, Burned out mess that is once again a home for the godforsaken riffraff that troll our city in search of these abandominiums as they call them will be coming down.

The questions are:
  • What about the separation process?
  • Will I be involved in decisions that may possibly cause a problem for my home?
  • Will the contractor reface, weatherize, and seal my roof, and soon to be exterior wall once the attached property is removed?
  • What will happen next?
  • When will the wrecking begin?

Well based on the contract I would say NO based on the highlighted section,


I can only assume they “Stell Enterprises, Inc.” are referring to my property in this section, as those things wouldn’t be needed on a demolished property.

It should be noted that I have been given assurances from Mike Simonson at City Hall that this will all be taken care of, and I sure hope so, as this has been a nightmare to say the least.

What I can say is that Mr. Simonson has been nothing but helpful in this whole ordeal, and he seems to be genuine. I do feel comfortable working with him at this point, and I only hope that doesn’t change as time goes on. 

I must admit that my dealings with City Hall in the past have not always been pleasant to say the lease, but like I said "Mike seems genuine", and well only time will tell.
  • What’s next for Sullivan Street? 
  • That remains to be seen, but whatever happens lets hope it’s in full compliance with our zoning and planning office.

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