Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gotham Yet?

In a Times Leader article (He wants to be part of solution in Wilkes-Barre) published back on June 20, 2006 the writer Mark Jones made reference to The City of Wilkes Barre, as resembling "Gotham City". Back then I was still new to the city, and of course I argued, but the truth was we weren’t there yet.

Yet: Now being the word of the day…. Well Wake Up Wilkes Barre “Its Beginning to Look A Lot like Gotham Everywhere you go!!!” Well you get the idea!

Not In Local News:
  • In the past week we have had rocks thrown through the windows of homes where reporters at The Citizens Voice live.
  • 12/26/11 Not 1 but 2 Chinese Food Delivery folks Robbed in broad daylight at Sherman Hills. "SAME DAY"
  • 12/27/11 another Chinese Food Delivery person Robbed @ Sherman Hills. 
  • 12/28/11 You guessed it  another Chinese Food Delivery person Robbed @ Sherman Hills. 
  • AND IN OTHER NEWS: Queen Nails was held up by Gunmen!!! Gunmen who not only robbed the salon but it's customers as well. Took cash, and cell phones!
WOW Gotham Yet???
Where were the Police while all Hell was breaking loose you may be asking? Well if I were them I would be running for my life! 

My recommendation for business owners in The New Gotham City (formerly known as The WB) "Stash the Cash and Save your A$$" should be the new Motto City Wide!!! As I don’t see the crime spree letting up anytime soon.

Stay safe, and as always please "Wake Up Wilkes Barre"

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