Monday, January 23, 2012

Did our Illustrious City Administrator Commit Perjury?

Take a look at the sworn statement made by our illustrious city administrator claiming the credit card statements we have all been asking for simply do not exist. 

I mean come on folks we even have a Generic Bank of America letter claiming that whatever they “The City” asked for could not be retrieved, and a sworn affidavit from our illustrious city administrator attesting to the list of statements they "The City" asked Bank of America for. 

Alleging that what we "The Citizens" asked The City for, and what they "The City" asked Bank of America for is one in the same. Thank god they cleared that one up for me!!

Now I call your attention to the highlighted sections of the documents below. Look at where our illustrious city administrator Swore subject to Penalties under 18 Pa. C.S. Sect 4904 that the November 2005 statement of JJ Murphy was unavailable. I have also included the November 2005 statement of JJ Murphy that as we all know DOES NOT exist, per the aforementioned illustrious city administrator's sworn affidavit

WOW like you I’m shocked, NOT…. I have been saying it all along folks "Liar Liar Pants on Fire!" What else are they lying about? Could it be that what I have been saying all along is TRUE? The remaining statements do exist! OMG!

Not only do these statements exist, they are initialed my the aforementioned illustrious city administrator, just under the new balance, circled. Now folks I ask you, How could our illustrious city administrator not have know about the existence of statements she initialed? 

Now the question weighing on my mind is did our illustrious city administrator commit perjury, and if so why? Again what are they hiding on those credit cards that would be worth perjuring yourself over? I am just guessing that the city credit cards are looking more and more like the county debit card debacle.

Wake Up People: The truth always finds its way out no matter how hard you try to hide it!

WAKE UP WILKES BARRE: Instead of criticizing those who are digging up the bodies why not interrogate those who buried them in the first place.

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