Saturday, January 21, 2012

Keep celebrating folks

So it’s true we have more to celebrate then just the One Million Dollars, for Fire Trucks. Apparently we also got a Quarter of A Million Dollars back in 2004 that helped re-roof the Police Station, and that also went without celebration. What gives?

So what does Kids for the Kingdom and the City of Wilkes Barre have in common you might be asking yourself. Well I will tell you. I could find only one local person with ties to both, and that is Mr. John Plucenik.

Up until a week ago Mr. John Plucenik, and Kids for the Kingdom were Face Book Friends, but me, and my bigmouth ruined that internet relationship. But trust me folks it's much more than just A Face Book friendship. 

IRS reports show that from 2004 – 2010 Kids for the Kingdom gave money to both The City of Wilkes Barre, and/or local charities run or affiliated with Mr. Plucenik “His Resting Place, a maternity home for pregnant women”, and “The Ark Family Ministries a Religious Institutions

Just look at the links below folks. I'm not making this crap up folks, infact I don’t think even JJ Abrams could make up anything with this many twists and turns. 

Who is John Plucenik:
Does Mr. John Plucenik have a relationship with any City contractors?
Kids for the Kingdom Tax Forms:
Stay tuned folks, as we all know this is Wilkes Barre, and this story has more turns then the Crazy Mouse @ Hershey Park….

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