Tuesday, January 24, 2012

They do exist

For months now city resident Joe Wielgoz tried telling City Officials that several missing credit card statements did in fact exist, but instead of investigating the residents complaint the City for some unknown reason decided to accept a generic bank letter that stated “the remaining requested statements are unavailable” when God only knows what was requested.  

It just seems odd that the credit card owner would request statements, and the bank say they are unavailable, but when Joe asks the same bank for them POOF!!! Really Folks?

Let’s get past the important questions
  • Why were so many statements missing in the first place?
  • Isn’t the city required to maintain their own records?
  • Why would they ever need to involve Bank of America?
  • Who paid those bills?
  • The city knew they existed, or should have known based on payment records, or don't we keep those either?
  • This is not nor should it have ever been the banks place to produce city records.
The fact that the city has no idea what bills come in or go out seems irrelevant.
  • Never mind the fact that we didn’t keep credit card statements.
  • Never mind the fact that we didn’t keep fire truck bids.
  • Never mind the fact that we didn’t keep LAG records.
The Mayor stated: “They could have been attached to something else by mistake,” he said. “We get thousands of vouchers ranging from paving streets to buying a hammer or a shovel.”
  • Really hammers, and shovels? Did you also pay $5000 for a toilet seat?
This blogger does have a solution for you Mr. Mayor
  • It’s called a Filing Cabinet! 
  • You open it place file folders inside, labeled with the credit card holders name on it, you then (& this is the important part) put the statements inside each corresponding folder as they come in from the bank.
  • Once a year grab all 12 statements for each person staple them together so each year is together, and after 7 years you may discard ONLY the 7 year old statements.
  • Should you have any issues implementing the new process I’ve outlined please feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to offer a free training seminar! “Sorry City Council the seminar will be held at City Hall, & not in The Sun Shine State.”
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