Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How many people does it take to sell parking spaces?

Click here to see J.J.'s Crazy Bills

  1. The city (Leighton, McCormick, McLauglin, City Attorney Henry)
  2. Greg Barouk WB Director of Economic Devt.
  3. WB Parking Authority
  4. Fox Rothschild law firm (Patrick Murphy's)
  5. Goals Consulting (JJ Murphy)
  6. Desman and Associates Parking Consulting Firm
  7. Shelly Communications (Public Relations firm) (Are they supposed to look for bidders?)
  8. Carlyle Group Consulting
  9. Bond Counsel with TML (I guess we couldn't have used the city counsel W-B pays already pays for)
  10. Spent 3 hours total ($900) with "Mendy"... met with and evaluated their financials (can we see these evaluations?)
  11. Spent 7hrs ($2100) with RBC on refinancing (Is this parking related? or did Murphy call in and leave phone off hook for 7 hours).
  12. PA Solicitor (as opposed to city solicitor)
  13. Meeting with Rosen Jenkins and Greenwald, Desman Consulting, and Murphy (A $1,600 2 hr meeting to taxpayers?) (A TRIPLE DIP? Desman, RJG, and Murphy all get paid?).
  14. Times Leader I assume they were billed when they questioned Murphy's pay!
  15. Citizen's Voice I assume they were billed when they questioned Murphy's pay!

NOTE: The conference calls are the most insidious form of looting from the city. EVERYONE on the call is being paid simultaneously!!

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