Sunday, May 20, 2012

We don’t need No Stinking Receipts

Why is it that when officials snatch and grab taxpayer money for their own personal gain, is it that it only seems to bother a few in this town?
  • Are we so accustom to it that we just aren't phased?
  • Is that just the way it is, or has been for as long as anyone can remember?
  • Or are we just to busy working 40+ hours a week @ $8.00 per hour, to pay for all this wonderful corruption that we don't have time to notice what the W-B Elite, are doing with our money?  

Well, I for one am sick to death with Wilkes Barre Politics. 

This town is overrun with PIGGIES, as one would say, and criticize him for being obnoxious if you must, but GOOD GOD MAN he’s been right all along.

From the Times Leader 

“Bill Barrett is a staunch defender of allowing council to attend conferences insisting that he’s brought back information and ideas that have significantly benefited the city.”

I wonder if Billy had to pay for the trips himself, like IDK Scranton’s Council Members would he still defend this position so much, and better yet would he still go so much?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre!

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