Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Parking For LAZ Only

As we move forward with The Kings Parking Scam, some interesting reading materials began popping up.

Click these links and check it out. 

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  2. Chicago Sun Times: Chicago Parking Meter Rebellion??
  3. LAZ Parking Meter Enforcement Ready To Resume
  4. Has the parking meter revolt begun?
  5. LAZ Parking
Best of all

From Page 6

Concessionaire Compensation Events.  Among the Concessionaire 
Compensation Events are: (i) any Competing Parking Action (to be 
defined in the Concession Agreement) where a public parking garage or 
lot is constructed in the Competing Parking Area (to be defined in the 
Concession Agreement); (ii) changes in Operating Standards , excluding 
certain changes made to comply with a new law; (iii) a reduction in the 
Schedule of Parking Rates (to be defined in the Concession Agreement); 
(iv) the imposition of a Parking Tax in excess of 8%: (v) failure to adhere 
to the Enforcement Standards (to be defined in the Concession 
Agreement); or (vi) any Adverse Action (to be defined in the Concession 
Agreement) by any governmental entity which has the effect  of having a 
material adverse effect on the fair market value of the Concessionaire 
Interest (to be defined in the Concession Agreement).  Private 
development of  the Sterling Hotel or other private economic 
developments which include parking do not trigger a Concessionaire 
Compensation Event.  Payments due the Concessionaire under the 
Concession Agreements, including payments with respect to 
Concessionaire Compensation Events, shall be the financial 
responsibility of the City. 


  • If L.A.Z. is currently managing The Wilkes Barre City Parking Authority and was interested in leasing said Authority, then why all the need for Overpriced, Do Nothing, Goal Oriented, Consultants?
  • L.A.Z. told Chicago all ticket revenues stay with the Windy City, so why is L.A.Z. in charge of that? 

Truth Be Told

  • Make no mistake folks L.A.Z. is the ONE the ONLY interested SCHEMER fishing in our little pond.
  • They stole the wind from The Windy City, got Punted from Pittsburgh with their over $400,000,000.00 offer, and now eyeing The W-B! 
  • WHY?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

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  1. They know our Mayor loves to fill his pockets with the green stuff


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