Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tapping the general fund at will

City of Wilkes-Barre:

Mayor Leighton and "JJ" Murphy: Tapping the general fund at will:

It behooves us all as hard working citizens of Wilkes Barre to keep the heat on these two thieves. And that's what they are. Thieves. 

Anyone whom has the unmigated nerve to arbitrarily access a "city's general fund" to gift themselves and in secret no less; is a thief.

Recall; we were never to know about the purchases. Our mid 2011 - RTK city hall request exhibited the theft.

And bear in mind that the one invoice for "JJ" Murphy's home security systems was purposely altered to mislead inquiring minds the actual destination of system.

JJ Murphy actually signed "his" own invoice that stated that his security system was going to be installed at the Wilkes-Barre Police Dept.
That's outright theft and fraud and falls under the criminal law catagory of "Tampering with Public Rcords."

What else have these two weasels taken while no one was aware or watching? Or, as our esteemed elected at city hall and employee's knew about?
To defraud the Commonwealth of PA - Dept. of Revenue for the applicable 6% PA Sales & Use Tax that WE would have had to pay under the same circumstances is tax fraud.

Torbik Safe & Lock Co., S. Main St WB is also a cohort as he dam well knew that the systems were not covered (lawfully) under the TAX FREE certificate that is reserved for city hall direct use purchases.

We the taxpayers do not own Leighton's or Murphy's homes and neither of their homes are city property so technically speaking; theft and tax fraud is evident to all of us.

The issue of whether Leighton and JJ the weasel Murphy claimed the pricey "gifts" on their appropriate federal tax year's is also a question that needs to addressed.
We improved the value of Leighton's and Murphy's homes without our knowledge or permission with general fund monies. 
  • How gracious of us.
  • Should we file a lien in order to retreive our money? Yes.
  • The financially strapped citizens of Wilkes-Barre, our Commonwealth, and the federal government (IRS) lost out.
  • How do these men of which one Leighton being an elected official skates laws and the PA tax laws?
If it's not questionable credit card purchases made by "JJ" Murphy, council, or controllers, free gas fill ups at the city garage pumps for them and their kin/friends; it's a pricey home improvement "project" of security systems happening.

Where and when will the powers that be of PA act and demand retribution both criminally and financially with these two men and others like them at our city hall?

There isn't any reason on God's green earth for us to shoulder Leighton's and JJ Murphy's costly personal desires on our dime. Or, anyone else's at city hall for that matter.

We all know that city hall elected and staffers et al cover for each due to their genetic - friends employment habits or pay backs for other reasons.

Justice wasn't ever meant to be selective and to allow one infraction after another robs everyone of us of ethical government.

  • Our demand for full reimbursement of the entire cost of the security systems stands as well as PA and the feds getting their cut.

I won't let this issue of outright theft of city taxpayer monies and tax fraud rest until justice is served on the criminal side as well as demanding full monetary retribution for all involved.
  • Theft is a felony.
Accessing a city's general fund for "personal home needs" hands down is theft. And illegally USING a city's tax exemption certificate for an elected officials HOME or 'JJ's" personal home purchasing - needs thereby skating the PA 6% applicable tax is tax fraud.

Linda Urban
Board Member - Wilkes-Barre Taxpayers Assn. 2012

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

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