Wednesday, December 12, 2012

FREE Vacations, Kane is Able!!!

When it comes to cutting the wasteful spending, City Council would sooner go without a full time fire protection unit then give up FREE Vacations.

Now I know what you’re thinking…. Come on they go, and bring back useless information that’s simply not available via Google!!

Just ask Tony (skip town) Thomas, who claimed the useless information he gained would benefit us (The City) for years to come, even though he wasn’t seeking reelection, when he was jet setting all over God’s creation, on our dime!! “It’s not like I’m going anywhere” he said? Then why did you skip town, faster than J.J. and stiff the meat man to boot????

Now on to Cruella De Vil: Come to think of it why would City Controller Kane, who by the way is rarely seen in  her office, nor heard of, even care about canceling the $17,000 a year membership?

 For a woman who stands in the hall, yelling, at hard working city employees for slipping so called “company secrets” to the enemy (councilmen), but refuses to come to a public council meeting, because she has nothing to say to us, (The People). YET in the CLOSED public comment session, all of a sudden she has something to say. "don't stop FREE vacations" she said.

Wake Up Cruella you should be in your office, crunching the numbers, controlling what little money we have left, after you and the King squandered it. Stop worrying about where to go NEXT!!!

Start focusing your time, experience, and energy, on solving our financial problems, and re-staffing our Fire Departments.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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