Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Super Cuts, keep coming

One would think The King now works for Super Cuts, the way he’s been trimming our Fire Department, but don’t even think of cutting or even freezing the pay of his boot licking, city hall suck holes. 

When asking if the city would cut frivolous spending like:
  • Useless City Hall boot licking, assistants to the assistants
  • Free Gas
  • Free Smart Phones
  • Free Vacations
  • Buyouts
  • Longevity pay
  • $10,000 bonuses

The Citizens were basically told, you can forget those ideas, after all the suck holes are the brains of the operation. I know, It’s not like they do anything for us (the citizens) like, pick up the trash, keep us safe, or even save our lives in an emergency, but you should know how instrumental they are in keeping The King out of jail, and trust me that’s a full time job. One that requires a fully staffed legal department with not One, but Two, Fulltime City Liars, Paralegal loophole finders, and Suckretaries.

  • Without Jimmy Ryan ($71,199.00) lying to every citizen about every Right to Know request, surely the truth would surface much quicker.

  • Without Drew Mc-Laugh-lin's ($38,682.00) creative press releases the city might look like bumbling idiots.

We couldn’t possibly waist money like this, if not for all the slick, gas pilfering, do nothing suck holes at city hall.

So with that I say to my union friends, DO NOT offer any concessions. NONE, their simply not needed

I have it on good authority that the King has a plan to restore our financial well being. In fact Councilman Mikey (suck hole) Merritt has been working his little fingers to the bone, calling Parking Authority Board members, begging them to reconsider the not even close to 20 Million Dollar pie in the sky, pipe dream.

So future money should start flowing into the City of Brokesville soon, and don’t worry, should this Parking Authority Board once again have the audacity, and courage to do the RIGHT thing, and reject The King, and Mikey’s re-hatched plan, I hear they're getting ready to implement

Parking Authority Plan B: Replacement of the long serving, responsible, profitable, board members, with King Loyalist Suck Holes!

  • Today is the Parking Authority meeting, at 12 Noon, at the garage located at 30 N Main St, so perhaps we’ll get a glimpse of the King’s plan.

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