Thursday, December 27, 2012

Budget Time's Running Out

As time ticks down on the 2013 budget clock, the King and company literally wait till the last second to do anything.

According to Bill O’Boyle’s Times Leader article in yesterday’s paper Leighton said he was going to have the revised budget to council members by the end of business Wednesday.

  • Close, it was delivered to council members homes this morning.

“We have to see the budget before we can vote on it,” Merritt said. “We need time to review it and then we will schedule a meeting. We have until Monday.”

  • In defense of our King, here Mike, he is simply not accustom to you or your counterparts reading anything before offering up your rubber stamp of approval.

Now as council clearly had all day, to look over The Kings newly revised budget, that calls for a 25-mill tax increase and just about none of councils suggested cuts.

Council has scheduled a rubber stamping session tomorrow at 5:30 PM

It is quite disgusting that this administration spends money like crazy, and at the same time cuts city service, and raises taxes.

Where is the public outrage???

Wake Up Wilkes Barre, for the love of God Wake Up!!!


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