Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lying Through Your Teeth

As I sat at city council tonight listing to Leo Glodzik owner of L.A.G Towing, the City’s towing contractor literally lying through his teeth to members of city council, I almost fell over laughing.

Leo said “the taxpayers do nothing but bash him and the Mayor at their meetings”. 

  • As if they (The Taxpayers) have noting else to worry about!

At the taxpayers meeting I attended they (the taxpayer board members) DID NOT bash anyone, and if Leo wants to email a copy of the tape where his Goons attacked the Taxpayers "in its entirety", Wake Up Wilkes Barre will air it for everyone to see, but rest assured folks he WILL NOT!!!

In addition Leo was whining about this blog’s case of mistaken identity, regarding the wicked witch who attacked the taxpayers at their last meeting, but made no mention of the retraction we printed clearing up the whole matter.

Get over it Leo, stop crying like a little baby. It’s very unbecoming of the girlfriend bashing, bad attitude yielding, bad boy we’ve all come to love to hate in this town.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre 

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