Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The King made Leo do it!

The owner of LAG Towing testified Tuesday he knew back in July 2011 that he did not have records to provide in response to a Right to Know request.

“I didn’t see a need to keep them,” Glodzik said

  • Ya, who cares what the IRS thinks!!!
  • Who cares what the contract says it’s not like anyone will enforce it!
  • I know what you’re thinking, we have a council investigation underway, but I assure you the King has already told the 3 bobbleheads what their opinion will be, and the 2 honest council members, try as they might, are simply powerless to help the people. 

City Attorney Timothy Henry testified the first time he knew records didn’t exist was back in December 2011

  • Yet he chose to remain quiet, even as an officer of the court, why? because the King told him to!

Now the city could be held liable for The Citizens Voice legal fees. When will the bobbleheads say enough is too much?

“I am not the enemy” Leo said

  • No he just charges whatever rate tickles him at the time, if you can’t or won’t pay his (quite literally) highway robbery prices then he will illegally sell your car without ever notifying anyone, then shred any record, as he doesn’t want to get caught running a auto theft ring, and bribing the King with the proceeds!

GET A CLUE PEOPLE, he only tows scumbags RIGHT?

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