Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Goon Squad Visit Taxpayers

If you missed the Wilkes Barre City Taxpayers meeting, you missed a good show, but not to worry folks the entire meeting was taped, courtesy of the head GOON himself, owner and operator of L.A.G. Towing, Leo Glodzik (Via Hired Cameraman).

L.A.G Towing (the city’s towing contractor) has come under fire by many citizens including a sitting city councilman and former chief of police.

L.A.G has been cited for price gouging and illegally disposing of cars without first sending a certified notice. Leo Glodzik himself has admitted in court that he has not maintained records. 

I do not expect the video to be shown in its entirety. I presume he will show just the clips of the Taxpayers board members responding to several personal attacks.

This may include Leo posting a clip of President Frank Sorick losing his temper after the Goons refused to allow an 83 year old Word War 2 army veteran a chance to speak.

It was argued that desperate folks resort to desperate measures, and it’s no coincidence that as the heat has been turned up on Leo and the King due to recent events being made public by this group, that now ALL the members of the WBCTPA have come under fire by the GOON SQUAD.

This reflects the fact that L.A.G. is running scared as his strategy is to personally attack the group.

By all accounts it would appear that Leo has resorted to the same old Wilkes Barre City Policy! Don’t answer the questions attack, and attempt to discredit the questioner.

The Wilkes Barre City Taxpayers Association, and their members DID NOT gouge anyone, steal gas or cars, but yet they are attacked for standing up, and fighting the regime.  

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  1. Guess u guys better start taping sessions too! Can't wait to send the contrasting clips to tosh.o. Keep fighting the good fight!

  2. When you consider that the premise for the founding of this organization was to explore all of the ways that we collectively could save the taxpayers money, I personally see no rational reason for the attack on the messengers. If in our effort to seek a fair and equitable balance, some of those who choose to circumvent the rules and policies for their own gain may be placed in the lime light, and not be too happy about it.

    The WBTCTA has no ax to grind with any particular person or persons. However in all fairness to those who bear the burden of paying taxes, exorbitant fees for services rendered, and seemingly unfair business practices, and other things that ultimately cost the taxpayer from the Mayor to the lowest person on the organizational chart must be made known.

    I believe that this is called "an open and transparent government". Those who play by the rules have nothing to fear. As a fact of the matter, we as an independent entity would like to have impartial citizen participation in matters relating to actual costs of running our city?

    If the administration was open about the TOTAL indebtedness of our city, the INTEREST being paid on loans, TAN's and any other instruments to which the taxpayers of Wilkes-Barre have been committed, a lot of what's going on would make more sense. It's difficult at best to cry poverty in one breath, then spend frivolously on personal security systems,out of town trips that could be conducted online, or obtaining CD's of seminars that are available through the mail, and better monitoring of fuel and vehicle usage.

    There are roughly 41K plus people in this community. Each must have some idea that might generate revenue,or provide less costly services? However, with the "Holier than thou" attitude that has permeated the previous Councils, people are reluctant to speak up,
    knowing full well and good that the Council dreads the "5 minutes" of truth, and would rather just sit and pretend to listen!! All the while, the Mayor who is suppose to lead by example plays with his cell phone, apparently showing no respect for the citizen speaker!!!

    If things are to change, and things are to get better, we must work in concert one and the other as a team wherein ALL of the community can participate, and not just a select few.


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