Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Riddance

Well it looks like The W-B will no longer get soaked for $300 - $400 per hour as J.J. Murphy has accepted the job of city manager for Hobbs New Mexico.

All I can say is good for The W-B, and God speed J.J. but at the same time I fear for poor J.J. without the Kings protection, I’m sure all will flounder once he tries to soak the good people of Hobbs for private home security systems, bad parking deals, an overpriced security camera network, or consulting fees for nothing.

Not Taking Family:

According to the Citizens Voice J.J. is going but he’s not taking the wife, and kids. 

  • WHY? Is he not expecting to keep the job long?

Murphy, 41, a married father of five daughters, said he plans to move to Hobbs right away. His family is going to move there after the school semester is over, he said. 

One can only wonder do we get our security system back now, and how long will this last, but at any rate, so long J.J. we wish you all the best, as long as you don’t come back.

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  1. He'll be back. J.J. doesn't possess the capacity to survive in an environment where he would be forced to rely on tenets like acuity, innovation, or intellectual horsepower. Parasites like J.J. can only sustain themselves in a controlled environment . . . and, unless he has family in Lea County, he will fail. He will either join the 24.2% of the population there who live below the poverty line or come slithering back to Luzerne County to capitalize on his connections in the region.

    1. Stop raining on my parade, this news should be celebrated. Celebrate good times come on!!!!!

  2. We have to find out more. He has to have a old city connection there. He must have sent out a scout to look for a place where people vote nothing but Democrat, and they dont have a taxpayers Association

    1. He has been conducting a national search and applying all over. This is not his first attempt, but you may be right his brothers firm may have connections, also someone could have used the league of city connections to help with the hook up.


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