Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Who’s your Daddy?

After much debate about The L.A.G. Towing controversy our King has recommended we (The City) hire L.A.G. Towing owner Leo Glodzik’s fathers company LAG Auctions to sell vehicles and other equipment that the city no longer uses.

Drew Mc-Laugh-lin, city spokesman, defended the auction company, saying it was completely separate from LAG Towing, the city's contracted tower accused by residents and council members of overcharging customers and improperly keeping records.

  • Now why does Drew Mc-Laugh-lin feel the need to distance Leo’s father from Leo?

Mc-Laugh-lin said the city made no official requests for bids, but instead called companies about the opportunity. Leighton called LAG Auctions "the most qualified company to respond."

Mc-Laugh-lin said LAGAuctions was the only company that responded, although it wasn't clear Tuesday how many companies the city contacted. Mc-Laugh-lin said he didn't know the names of other contacted companies.

  • How is it that Mc-Laugh-lin wouldn't know the names, or how many, if any other company's were contacted?
  • Is it possible that The King just hand plucked Leo’s Pop, and dubbed him the most qualified?

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