Friday, September 14, 2012

Only Pro Administration Presentations Allowed!

Like many who have been the victim of LAG Towing's unscrupulous like behavior, Mark Robbins of Forty Fort is disgusted. Not only was Mark a victim himself, but he has helped many other victims who have come forward, but when he attempted to play the audio only portion of the song in the video below as part of his 4:45 min presentation before city council, he was ejected by the Communist Like Council President, Mike Merritt.

As it seems if you’re saying or doing something at council in admiration for the administration you are given all the latitude in the world, but if you’re like Mark showing your dissatisfaction for their utter disregard for public safety, you’re ousted.


At last night’s council meeting Taxpayer Association President Frank Sorick spoke in support of L.A.G. Auctions hiring by the city to sell unused, or unneeded, vehicles and equipment. (It should be noted that L.A.G. Auctions is a completely separate, independent, reputable business, and is in now way partnered nor should it be compared  to that of the tactics of L.A.G. Towing.) Not only was Frank given his time, but was allowed to engage in a back and forth conversation with Councilman Tony George. Frank was also allowed to address Drew Mc-Laugh-lin directly, veering from the rule of ONLY addressing council as a whole, and never engaging in back and forth discussion.

Linda Urban and Sam Troy on the other hand were not so fortunate when it was their turn and they were attempting to get answers to their questions. Both were told they may only address council as a whole, and NEVER a single member of council. Also Sam Troy was gaveled out of order when he attempted to speak directly to his district councilwoman Maureen Lavelle. 

This is not the first time this council has ejected citizens. Remember when Linda Urban was dragged from council chambers in her chair for demanding council listen to councilman Tony George, and not just slip a resolution passed without proper understanding. Linda had the nerve to say “that’s not right” and ousted she was, by the Communist.

Now on to Mark’s ejection, just seconds into his presentation Mark was gaveled out of order as he was playing music on an iPhone. The nerve of Mark playing an upbeat song he had written and produced, in an effort to provide some Saturday Night Live style comedic relief to the tactics of LAG, The King, and the ever Rubber Stamping, Bobble Head Council.

After ejection from council Mark took his protest to the streets (with use of a megaphone) followed by this blogger, and a Times Leader Photographer, Mark was intercepted by Communist Guards (city police) for protesting his ejection from council on the city sidewalk.

  • Nearly arrested for protesting on a sidewalk!
  • Wake The Flock Up People is this America or  Communist  Wilkes Barre? 
  • Well I guess I already know that answer!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


BTW: Great reporting as always Times Leader!!!

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