Thursday, September 13, 2012

Grandma got towed by LAG

Please enjoy this Wake Up Wilkes Barre original video based on the article that appeared in The Wilkes Barre Independent Gazette

Wake Up Wilkes Barre 

Lyrics to “Grandma got towed by LAG”

Chorus:  Grand-ma got towed by L-A-Ge - ee...
Five hundred bucks with no reprieve! 
You may think that there is no corruption
But we the taxpayers, we believe!

King Tommy was to sell the parking
JJ Murphy his crony friend!
Three hundred dollars for each hour…
This is what the city had had to spend

City Council sits in silence
Rubber stamping for the king!
If not for one old police chief…
Might as well be meeting in Beijing


Tommy filled up at the station
Self importance like show biz!
You may think that he is honest…
But he treats the pumps like they are his

Million dollars comes out of no where
Like fairy dust from on high!
Where oh where did it come from?
Watch Tommy move his mouth and watch his lie.


The city likes to takes its junkets
Plush vacations oh so gay!
You might think that they are learning…
But Kane and Barrett reside at the buffet

There’s this guy Chief Dessoyea
To booze and beer he makes his shrine
You may want to see him sober
Just make sure you call before its nine


They call Wilkes-Barre the diamond city
With bars and a cab-a-ret
But everyone knows the dirty secret…
Extortion describes what’s really “pay to play”
Tommy pouts while stuck in sand-box
No more gas and no more glee
You watch the King he’ll get even
Can you say Jeep Grand Cher-o-kee?


Call the police and get an answer
“It is civil” they will say
Doesn’t matter what the crime is
You have become the city’s form of prey

King Tommy in the slammer
Is what wish and what we hope
He’ll meet a guy named Ezra
Oh how… oh how will Tommy cope!


1)      Google  “Grandma got towed” on  YouTube
2)     Go to the W-B Independent Gazette
3)     Go to  Wake Up Wilkes-Barre
We hope you enjoy the song and the video on line. Perhaps it made you laugh.

But trust me… this no laughing matter.

The Wilkes-Barre Auto Theft Ring between Leighton (and all the police he intimidates to do his bidding) and LAG Towing is nothing to snicker about.

This is about the Mayor, and his accomplice LAG Towing, using his power to unfairly profit off of the most vulnerable citizens. It is an altogether illegal, sickening, and morally deprived scam.

The poor and the vulnerable are targeted by LAG. He “prices them out” of their cars. With police backing Leighton, these victims literally have no one to turn to. The people who can least afford to have their cars stolen are being victimized. Many of us may have been fortunate not to fall into poverty. But please consider what it would be like to be cheated out of half your net worth!

Obviously admitting to shredding or eliminating seven years of records would be cause to fire any contractor.
The pricing gouging would provide more reason.
The fact that Leighton still supports Glodzik is clear indication that he is involved.
Imagine what Glodzik would reveal if he was taken down?

Leighton to Glodzik:  “Leo, in return for the $50,050 and the campaign contributions (and whatever else)
that you give me, I will order the police chief and the entire police force to

                                    … let you charge whatever you want for tows and storage fees and
                                    … let you break the city contract and state laws like they weren’t written and
                                    … let you shred 7 years of records and
                                    … let you steal cars like “no one” is looking (it’s not like we keep count) and
                                    … know that you can’t be fired nor will you ever be charged criminally for “anything” and
                                    … You will be protected like a mob boss would protect “his own.”

Leighton to police: “You are hereby ordered to protect my boy Leo at all costs. Any disputes will be considered a “civil matter.” If you decide to file anything criminal against LAG consider this to be a career ending mistake.

Leighton to himself:  “I will turn a deaf ear to any complaints. Any system for complaints will be set up as a sham. This way I can clumsily and pathetically hang on to my excuse for not firing Glodzik. It is easy to say ‘I have heard few complaints’ when I refuse to listen.”

See to read more about corruption in Wilkes-Barre.
A Special thank you to
Mark Robbins
Frank Sorick
Grandma got run over by a reindeer
Cartoon photo from Times Leader


  1. It is really awesome what you guys are doing.

    It sounds like Wilkes Barre needs something like what Kennilworth Borrough in NJ recently did in conjunction with NJFOG (New Jersey for Open Government) activists.

    1. Looks great but our King would never step right up, and even if he did would we trust what was published?

      Whenever his lips move its a safe bet he's lieing!!!

  2. Out West in the "old" days, when you stole a mans horse (equivalent to your car today), they would either hang you from the nearest tree, or drag you with a rope around your neck till you died !!! Stealing a mans horse was the same as taking the food out of his family's mouth.

    Where is the DA in this??


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