Sunday, September 9, 2012

Is The Sterling Still Falling

It’s been a year since The King has run about the town like Henny Penny yelling “The Sterling Is Falling, The Sterling Is Falling”, and to date, Nothing! 

Nothing has happened by neither man nor nature, to bring the historic hotel crashing down on anyone’s head.

Yet we continue to pay the outrageous rent of FOUR TO FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS per month for barriers to prevent traffic from accessing one of the City's Gateways.

In a 2011 interview with Bill O’Boyle from the Times Leader, City Spokesman Drew Mc-Laugh-lin said: "The barriers used to redirect traffic around the Sterling were rented from Protection Services of Harrisburg with an office in Dunmore. Mc-Laugh-lin said the monthly rental fee for the barriers is $4,000 to $5,000 per month."

  • I wonder how much those barriers cost to buy. As it stands we have spent roughly about $60,000.00 to keep Henny Penny safe. 
  • I also wonder if we (The City) did a Fall Zone Study to determine what might actually happen should the Ill-Fated Sterling come crashing down.
  • Where would the debris actually fall?
  • Is only 1 lane enough, or should we close River & Market All Together?

Remember folks this is about HennyPenny’s safety, and we cannot put a price tag on safety!

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  1. I am by no means an expert on demolition (purely a hobbyist xD)
    and also not a physicist, only a simple understanding of that as well.
    however, after about an hour of reading about the physics behind building collapse, there appear to be two types of collapse, internal, and external. in internal, the building falls in on itself and the base expands minimally. maybe only doubling the actually square footage. on the other side of that, is external. From what i've seen this entails large portions of the building coming detached from the main structure and while they maintain their integrity, they have seperated and fall outwards. this would basically mean that if the corner of the sterling at river and market were to detach and fall outwards, part of it could easily land in the river.
    like i said, i'm not expert, merely a hobbyist, but it strikes me a little silly to waste so much money on "keeping the people safe" from something that would obviously break free of such restraints rather easily.

    from my perspective, there are two things to do with the sterling, restore, or demo. a controlled demo can control exactly where each piece lands and traffic would only be blocked for a day or so. and then there would be an empty lot. restoring the hotel would obviously cost more up front but also restore a portion of the glamour "the city" once held. it would also make a lot of people happy.


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