Thursday, September 20, 2012

Every Crumb Helps

For some time now the naysayers of the city have been making the charge that we (The City) are broke. A charge that the King and Co., have adamantly denied, but as of late it would seem more and more likely that those naysayers may be on to something.

Back when the King attempted to lease out the parking authority for a quick 20 Million, we all heard it then. He’s only doing this because we (The City) are broke they said. Untrue said The King, but what we lost was future money we could have squandered now!

Lately our King is auctioning off everything but the kitchen sink. Not to worry folks we ain’t broke yet.

Now in a bizarre turn of events Wake Up Wilkes Barre has heard rumblings that department heads have been tell the worker-bees of the city that they will no longer get paid for holidays.

If that weren’t bad enough, a meeting was held last night with The Police Department telling them, they either comply with a similar mandate of less pay for putting their lives on the line or we (The City) will have no choice but to cut staffing by another 11 officers.  

That’s right less COPS to keep Gotham safe, and we thought it was rough out there now, just wait, and the unions don’t seem to be helping defend their employees, in-fact the union president for the police department didn’t even attend the meeting.
  • Where was he you ask, well he wasn’t at the Crime Watch Meeting either.
Tomorrow the King is expected to have yet another meeting with all the union leaders. Will he tell them we’re broke, and that they need to give even more concessions or else they won’t get paid?

At one of the cut back meetings a city employee had the nerve to do the math on the Kings purposed savings and pointed out just how miniscule the overall savings might be, the King responded with, quote: “Every Crumb Helps”.

So if “Every Crumb Helps” I wondered will The King and Co. be taking a pay cut as well. After all we (The City)  gave Greg Barrouk a pay raise.

Also if these crumbs are so valuable now, wouldn’t we like to have some of the squandered crumbs back?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


  1. If every "little" crumb helps, why doesn't the BIGGEST crumb help by taking a pay/perk cut???

    1. Oh come on, you expect anyone at City Hall to help out!!!!



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