Friday, September 28, 2012

Gas Gate not Theft per Drew Mc-LOL

Recently the city approved spending of another $5.9 million we don’t have, and perhaps can’t borrow, due to the city’s falling credit rating. In order to upgrade many things, but what caught my eye was the unannounced or priceless fuel pump monitoring system, to as the city put it “protect against theft”.

  • Theft: now who, other than the naysayers said anything about theft?

In fact Drew Mc-Laugh-lin said "There is no theft in any sense of the word," Mc-Laugh-lin reiterated his assertion that the missing fuel was not the result of unauthorized use.

  • Thank God Drew is still slurping down the Kool-Aid but as for the rest of us, we may require a little more convincing.

For instance

  • How can you be so sure “There is no theft in any sense of the word” Drew?
  • Were you stationed at the pumps 24/7 during the time the 18,000 gallons went missing?
  • Is it possible that even so much as 1 person any person took as little as 1 gallon for their home lawnmower?
  • To claim for a certainty something one cannot possibly know for certain is a blatant lie.

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  1. The citizens of Wilkes-Barre are like Geese waking up to a new world everyday!! Problem is that they are lied to in their face, AND DO NOTHING !!! They have been on a steady diet of bull shit so long, that they think it's a delicacy !!!lol

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    2. It must just be me listening to Margret Cho when she says too much of something makes it “No Special”


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