Thursday, March 8, 2012

Did Wilkes Barre City Officially Secede From the Union?

First the good news: Wilkes Barre City Council approved the sale of Old River Road Bakery to Harold’s Pharmacy.

Next up No 1st Amendment Rights for anyone period…

Councilman Tony George's questioning the appointment of Christine Jensen to the Planning Commission was quickly outed when council moved to floor vote, and what Councilman George thought was just a procedural vote to get his questions answered was actually a sneaky, vote to make that appointment. When the Councilman figured out he had been duped by his devious counterparts, he asked to change his vote, and was quickly answered by city clerk James Ryan with Tough Darts!!!

Then when citizen Linda Urban had the nerve to mutter “that’s not right”, Council President, Mike Merritt, “who must have been auditioning for A Little Theater part of Adolf Hitler” quickly gaveled her out of order, and demanded City Police Officer Yelland remove Linda Urban for her muttered remark.

Next Bob Kadluboski spoke out against Mrs. Urban’s ejection, and he was also ejected, but when Frank Sorick, President of the Wilkes Barre City Taxpayers Association also chimed in on Mrs. Urban’s ejection he was warned repeatedly, and still not ejected.

  • Why did Linda, and Bob get ejected, and Frank didn’t?
  • Why is it that Council President, Mike Merritt can order a citizen out for muttering “that’s not right”, and then allow another to continue yelling?
  • Is it that Mr. Sorick was informing the  Communist like Council President that he was violating the 1st amendment rights of now 3 citizens?

The meeting abruptly ended, and Communist like Council President fled City Hall before the press could interview him. I wonder why?

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  1. I missed the council meeting. But reading this, I have no idea what actually happened.

  2. Well I hope this helps

    But over all its real EASY per council president we the people may not now nor ever question our elected officials.

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