Sunday, March 4, 2012

Truly Non-Stick

Once again folks we have the King of Non-Stick making the case that increased spending, and declining income is nothing to worry about. 

Now please forgive my ignorance folks. Remember I’m a simple hick from T-Town, but what I do remember from basic math is this: 
  • 1 – 2 = Negative

But perhaps the reason King Tommy isn’t worried is he knows the foreclosure won’t happen under his watch. 

The next poor soul or “sap” who succeeds him will be the one to blame. The King has been blaming his predecessor for 8+ Years now. It would seem that strategy has worked well for him, and who could blame him?

FACT: We weren’t in this much debt when Old Tom was our mayor, So New Tom must be doing something right. After all even though we can’t afford to pay our bills we do have that Average (A) S&P Credit Rating to brag about.

Do we care about that analysts pointed to several areas of concern:
  • A declining population, much of which is elderly.
  • Unemployment higher than national averages.
  • A declining tax base.
  • A high poverty level.
  • A limited local economy with low wealth and income indicators.
  • Moderate-to-high overall debt levels.
  • A low level of median household purchasing income.

If King Tommy is not concerned about these issues I guess we shouldn’t be either. I mean after reading his “What bank would lend you money if you couldn’t afford to pay it back?” statement in the Times Leader: "Debt City" , I know I can rest easy. 
  • This is The WB nothing bad ever happens here!

I still wonder about all those folks who lost their homes when “some bank” lent them money they couldn’t afford to pay back, but that can’t happen to us Right? 

After all that was their problem, and likely caused by "Bad Management" Those fools did't have a plan to keep refinancing without ever having to pay back, like King Tommy's wonderful, creative financing package.  

So with that I say, come on folks stop whining already our King is doing his little part to singlehandedly bail out those poor disenfranchised, troubled banks, by increasing the cities debt by $74,750,344.00 during his administration, he is contributing to a greater good, RIGHT? 
  • Like higher than average CEO bonuses? 

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Thank you Times Leader

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