Friday, March 23, 2012

Deaf Eared BobbleHeads

Bill Barrett said after the meeting that he had already made up his mind, and He was unmoved by the verbal attacks, he said, and cast the tie-breaking vote in favor of Jensen”

  • When did the truth become a verbal attack?

"I didn't take any of that into consideration," Barrett said after the meeting. "I know Ms. Jensen. I know her background, I know her qualifications."

  • So did the councilman already know of her unethical activity?
  • Is that why he was unmoved?

“Barrett said after the meeting he was able to overlook any alleged ethical lapses because he knew Jensen so well.

  • Based on the filthy looks Butch was passing, I’m wondering if Bill knows her as well as Butch does?


    "The fix is in," Kadluboski told council before the vote. "Right, Bill?"
    • Bob got it RIGHT!

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