Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is Kane Abel?

Well as it stands we haven’t seen hide nor hair of our new City Controller.
  • No audit as one would expect of the new controller.

She hasn’t attended a single city council meeting since being elected controller.

I’ve personally visited City Hall many times looking for her, and have yet to find her in her office.
  • She seems invisible.

This blogger was wondering if Mrs. Kane was even still in The WB, or did she retreat to her posh estate in The Sun Shine State. Either to avoid the long bitter cold Pennsylvania winter or the bitter cold political climate in The WB. 

Either way I took to the streets asking frequent visitors of City Hall if they have spotted Mrs. Kane anywhere, and I was able to find One Citizen who confirmed that yes Mrs. Kane is still in The WB.

In-Fact the citizen said they saw Mrs. Kane with an overflowing shopping buggy one weekday afternoon at approximately 1:30 PM at Wegman’s Supermarket.

Now that would explain why I couldn’t find her, anywhere. Stupid me: I had been looking for her at her Office in City Hall, as I figured that’s where she would be for 40 or so hours per week, as that’s what her job description entails, and that’s what were paying her for. 

But as the locals keep telling me, “This is The W-B, and That’s just the way it is.”

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  1. You have to get up pretty early if you want to see her. Im told she reads the daily news in her office in the AM goes for coffee at 10 and never seen again untill the next day when she picks up her paper


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