Monday, March 5, 2012

Demolition Time

I do not say this often, OK never before in the history of this blog have I uttered the words, and may never again so here goes.

Thank you City Hall!!!!

You may recall back in December, I published “Wrecking Ball on Sullivan Street?” well it took some doing but after much back and forth with all the folks involved, tomorrow at 7:30 AM Stell Enterprises with begin ripping down the burned out eyesore.

The owner of the burned out eyesore was a bit reluctant to say the least, when it came to fulfilling the responsibilities, that any responsible homeowner should be expected to do, when their property is struck by fire.

  1. File an insurance claim
  2. Deposit said insurance check
  3. Hire a licensed contractor to repair or rip down the burned out structure.  

Now I agree the owner of the burned out eyesore did complete steps 1 and 2 but failed to even begin step 3 until the City applied months of pressure.

So with that I say Thank You

  • Michael Simonson, Assistant Director of Operations: Who was instrumental in coordinating the overall project, from start to finish.
  • Greg Barrouk - Director of Economic Development: Who quickly followed up on any, and all problems, questions, and concerns I had throughout the project. NOTE: Folks who know me, know I have tons of them, so this in itself was a rather large undertaking.
  • Timothy J. Henry, City Attorney: Who quickly took care of the legal issues as they arose.

Like I said, I don’t get to say this often, but again thanks guys for your outstanding hard work. I truly wish every encounter with City Hall ended with results like these.

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