Saturday, June 9, 2012

What is overcharging?

The Citizens Voice article: City towing contractor: 'I'm not the enemy'

Glodzik said he never overcharged anyone from his standard tow rate of $175. But George said a trusted friend approached him about two months ago to complain about a $600 tow.

In this photo obtained by Wake Up Wilkes Barre you can clearly see the towing fee charged to the customer as $200. 

So when Leo says “he never overcharged anyone from his standard tow rate of $175” I guess this customer must have been a nobody, 

  • RIGHT LEO????

Jessica Marcincavage, a U.S. Marine paid $500 with a Visa credit card?

Wait a minute; didn’t Leo tell Mark Robbins he couldn’t accept credit cards, when Make tried helping Ms. Boyer, due to the risk of Mark being able to stop the payment?

In the Time Leader article: Tower shows car, eyes negotiating

“I still don’t know why Mark Robbins got involved,” Glodzik said. “But I wouldn’t accept the credit card because I was afraid the charge would be cancelled after they left with the car.

By the way if that ridiculous statement were true Mark would have been charged with theft of service.

I am so confused, but hay this is the Chosen, Golden Boy, that was hand pick, by King Tommy: "We've had very few complaints on him." Said the King!

  • Leo is also protected by City Police, every time the police tell good citizens “it’s a civil matter”. That my friends in BLUE is nothing more than a COPOUT! 
Pardon the pun!

This is a City Impound lot, and nothing this guy does under the city banner is civil! 

This city could be held liable for a class action lawsuit! 

Calling all lawyers with backbone, who want to truly make a difference: TAG - LAG

Wake Up Wilkes Barre 

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