Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Leo LIES, King Tommy BUYS!

As The Citizens Voice Newspaper continues it's fight in court to see records that, according to the cities contract with LAG towing, should be in the cities possession monthly, they are told one ridiculous story after another, by both Leo, & King Tommy

As reported in The Citizens Voice  Leo lies worse than a cheap rug from Russia

From previous reports Leo has stated he gives his "only copy" of his business records to some unnamed accountant, and that poor excuse for a financial wizard takes one look, and then off to the shredder they go!

  • Really LEO?

Three accountants told The Citizens' Voice in phone interviews that such shredding defies common practice. But Glodzik was insistent in a brief interview Monday night those accountants were mistaken.

  • Yup, Leo all 3 real, and reputable accountants are mistake & your mysterious, shredding fairy is correct! Do you hear yourself? 

Glodzik's attorney told the judge on Monday he also remained unaware who the accountant is.

  • OK now LEO won’t even confide in the one person who is defending his sorry behind!

"What they should do is look it up, because I'm not required to do that," Glodzik said.

  • Your right LEO we wouldn’t want you to have to pay taxes on earned income now would we?

Professional accountants told The Citizens' Voice that records should be kept at least three years in case of a tax audit. Told about such accounting practices, Glodzik said, "Well, if my accountant looked at it and thought it was OK, well, that's it."

  • That’s it folks LEO has spoken! 

Glodzik's explanation appeared to satisfy Mayor Tom Leighton, who expressed his support for Glodzik and said the tower, represents the city well.

Leighton said Monday he has received a "minuscule" number of complaints

  • Wake Up King Tommy: YOU have gotten a crap load of complaints they just fall on deaf ears, like everything else we have been screaming about!

"We're not looking for the receipts and we haven't gotten many complaints," Leighton said.

  • WOW we ain't gunna do it! The audacity of this Guy!

Judge Lesa S. Gelb ruled Glodzik has until Monday to submit the affidavit from the accountant to explain why and when the documents were disposed.

  • WOW: Thank you Judge Lesa S. Gelb, for not buying the same load of crap Leo has been feeding poor King Tommy!

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